IPhone 6S RAM and Battery Size Confirmed


Apple’s 3D Touch video reveals the reduced battery capacity of the iPhone 6S. Information from Adobe confirms 2GB RAM for iPhones and 4GB for iPad Pro.

As usual, Apple didn’t tell a whole lot of exact specifications of their devices at the September 9 keynote. Luckily different sources are providing information about the specs before the devices have even come available for customers.

Apple’s official 3D Touch video reveals the battery capacity of the iPhone 6S. The added haptic feedback module reduces the physical size of the battery. The technology hasn’t improved enough to keep the battery capacity and the new battery is 95mAh smaller than the one in the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6S now has a 1715mAh battery compared to a 1810mAh juicer in the last year model. Most likely the iPhone 6S Plus also has smaller battery than the iPhone 6 Plus.

An Adobe worker has revealed that the new iPhones have 2GB of RAM. The information is from an internal Apple website and it’s been shared to Reddit. Apple didn’t mention the RAM size in the keynote but it’s understandable because the 100% growth to last year would have looked hideous as everyone knows that the iPhone 6 and 6S had 1GB of RAM.

Adobe has also revealed the amount of RAM in the iPad Pro. The company released an article introducing the features of the new iPad Pro and confirmed the 4GB of RAM. The statement has now been modified but the link is still down below.

The iPhone 6S is the third flagship this year to reduce the battery capacity compared to last year. The development is alarming because most users want more battery life. Most the people commenting online demand better battery life even in the cost of a thicker phone. Still smartphone manufacturers are making the devices thinner. Motorola has probably understood this with their Moto X Play and the upcoming Moto X Force. Hopefully more manufacturers are taking the note.

Apple finally got the second gigabyte of RAM. Previously it’s been a struggle to even keep tabs loaded in the browser and still customer satisfactory has been ridiculously high. Next year the customer satisfactory percent might be over 100.


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6GB RAM in a Smartphone, Samsung Says Yes


Samsung has started mass production of 12Gb LPDDR4 DRAM chips. 6GB RAM Smartphones will arrive next year. 

In 2015 we’ve got the first 4GB smartphones and the first LPDDR4 memories in a mobile device. Now Samsung is ready to take the mobile RAM to a new level. The company has started mass production of the 12Gb LPDDR4 chip that will allow 6GB RAM in the same space a 3GB module currently takes.

The 12Gb chip will be available in two and four chip configurations for total of 3 or 6GB RAM respectively. The new chip is produced in advanced process but the process size stays the same at 20nm. The results are promising, the new 12Gb chip is 30% faster than the old 8Gb chip.

The first 6GB device might be the Galaxy S7 but we think that the Note 6 might be the first as the Note lineup has usually had more RAM than the S lineup. Either way, we will need to wait until the next year to find out.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow