Turtle Glass might replace the Gorilla Glass in Samsung devices


Samsung Display has registered the brand ‘Turtle Glass’. Samsung might move away from the Gorilla Glass in the future. 

Samsung has used Corning Gorilla Glass for years in their smartphones and tablets. However the collaboration might be over soon as the Samsung Display has registered Turtle Glass brand. Unfortunately we can just speculate at the moment because we don’t have any more official news.

It might be that the Gorilla Glass can’t be used in the upcoming foldable smartphone that Samsung is expected to launch as early as January. The Turtle Glass could just be a bendable glass for foldable smartphones.

Samsung does have a wide range of devices to use the new glass in if they really want to replace the Gorilla Glass. Not only smartphones and tablets need the durable glass but TV’s, smartwatches and PC’s could also use it. That would be a great business for the company as the other option would be buying the glass from outside the company.

Source: SamMobile