Samsung introduces the new Britecell camera sensor


Samsung has introduced their next camera sensor technology. The Britecell technology might mean the end of the camera humps. 

The major change Samsung has made is replacing the green subpixels with white ones. The green filter denies some light entering the sensor and getting rid of the filter allows more light in. This improves low light performance and provides thinner camera modules.

The first Britecell sensor will be a 20 megapixel sensor with 1µm pixel size. The current Isocell sensors use 1.12µm pixels. The new module is 17% thinner than the Isocell and will mean the end of the camera humps.

The Britecell is rumored to launch with the Galaxy S7 early next year. It remains to be seen if Samsung wants to use the new technology to get rid of the camera hump or improving the low light capabilities. Both are possible and both are good choices.

Source: GalaxyClub (in Dutch)