5G & Cloud Computing – The duo of the future

I love to speculate. That’s why we are talking about cloud computing and 5G today. Many people have questioned the importance of higher speeds and lower latency than 4G LTE can already provides. I think applications using cloud computing are some of the most interesting things that could benefit from the better network.

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What if you would have nearly unlimited computing power with you all the time?

Cloud computing means that the computing is done somewhere else on someone else’s computer, to put it bluntly. It means that one doesn’t necessarily need to have the world’s most powerful workstation to complete tasks that need massive amounts of computing power.

When the actual computing is done off site, it doesn’t really matter what kind of  device the commands are given from. That makes work less dependent on the end device but more dependent on the network. That’s where the 5G comes in.

Even here in Finland, we usually get only 100 Mb/s LTE speeds with 20 ms ping. That slows down immediately when it rains or many people are connected to the same cell tower. 5G has promising technologies to fix this. In densely lived areas, the 5G towers will be closer together and be able to serve devices from fridges to smartphones and laptops. The latency will be lower and allow better response time to the cloud applications.

Some day the 5G will be able to support big file transfers like video files to be edited on a cloud based computer. That will be a revolution because nowadays ones video editing and rendering speeds are limited by their computer’s performance. In the future the limiting factor will be the network speed.

Video editing could sound distant to some but what about gaming? Google is already bringing their cloud gaming system Stadia later this year and they are not the first. NVIDIA has had their solution available for a while now. Running the game on a remote computer and just streaming the video of the game, is going to make gaming – again – less dependent on the end device but more on the network.

I really don’t have plans to get either, 5G or Stadia just yet but I’ll be following the headlines. 5G and cloud computing will be the duo to follow in the future.