6GB RAM in a Smartphone, Samsung Says Yes


Samsung has started mass production of 12Gb LPDDR4 DRAM chips. 6GB RAM Smartphones will arrive next year. 

In 2015 we’ve got the first 4GB smartphones and the first LPDDR4 memories in a mobile device. Now Samsung is ready to take the mobile RAM to a new level. The company has started mass production of the 12Gb LPDDR4 chip that will allow 6GB RAM in the same space a 3GB module currently takes.

The 12Gb chip will be available in two and four chip configurations for total of 3 or 6GB RAM respectively. The new chip is produced in advanced process but the process size stays the same at 20nm. The results are promising, the new 12Gb chip is 30% faster than the old 8Gb chip.

The first 6GB device might be the Galaxy S7 but we think that the Note 6 might be the first as the Note lineup has usually had more RAM than the S lineup. Either way, we will need to wait until the next year to find out.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow