Sony Teases Xperia Z5’s Camera


Sony has teased their upcoming Xperia Z5 smartphone in Twitter. The Z5 will have a great camera with some special focusing features.

Sony is known for its amazing pocket cameras and DSLR’s and their smartphone cameras have always been great. We are waiting the Xperia Z5 to be released and now Sony has teased the upcoming flagship.

Sony Xperia GB released the photo above in Twitter with text: “Get ready for a smartphone with greater focus. All will become clear on 02.09.2015.” That means that the Z5 will be released just before IFA 2015.

According to rumors, the Z5 will pack a QHD display, Snapdragon 810, 3 or 4GB of RAM, fingerprint scanner on the side and the standard waterproof glass and aluminium sandwich Sony design.

Source: Twitter

Note 5 S-Pen Breaks After Inserting Backwards


Note 5 S-Pen breaks after inserting the pen backwards. Samsung suggest customers read the manual. 

It’s time for a new Note to hit the markets, it’s time for a new debate about Samsung’s design flaws. Users in Android Central’s forums are reporting broken S-Pens after inserting the pen backwards to the device. The new patented click to eject mechanism allows the pen to be inserted backwards but after that the pen will be stuck. Some users have lost their S-Pen for good or broken it physically after forcing it out. Others have got their pen out with no physical damage but the S-Pen detection has been broken.

Some people think that Samsung should make it impossible to insert the pen backwards or even provide a free replacement for broken S-Pens. Others think that it’s just a case of “you are using it wrong” if users are inserting the pen backwards.

Samsung has answered the debate by asking people to read the manual before using the device. In the manual there’s clearly said that the S-Pen might get stuck, break or even break the phone if it’s inserted backwards. Samsung hasn’t come up with any solutions to get a stuck pen out. At the moment we just suggest that you don’t insert the S-Pen backwards and if you already did and got it stuck, contact Samsung service to find out how much it would cost to get everything right again.

Sources: Android Central, SamMobile

More Nexus 6 2015 Leaks


The leaks reveal a huge camera bump with no obvious reason. The photos match the previous leaks.

The Huawei built Nexus 6 2015 continues to leak. The new photos from China are showing an interesting camera bump. The Nexus 6 is not going to be a particularly thin device so the camera bump is rumored to feature something special. The fingerprint sensor is on the back like the previous leaks suggested.


Front of the device shows dual speakers and quite narrow bezels.


Photos from another source also confirm the rumored reversible USB Type-C.

The new leaks are pretty much in line with what we already knew. The Huawei Nexus is going to be the premium Nexus and LG is going to build the more affordable Nexus 5 2015. The new Nexus phones will most likely be released in late September or early October and the launch will will happen later this year.

Source: Android Police, PhoneArena

Asus Released 256GB Version of ZenFone 2

ASUS ZenFone 2

There has been a lot of talk about smartphone storage recently. Mostly because of lack of expandable storage in Samsung phones. Now Asus has released new interesting storage option for ZenFone 2.

Asus Zenfone 2 already had a 64GB variant with a microSD slot. The new model however packs a whopping 256GB of internal storage with microSD support for up to 128GB cards. The new model is called ZenFone 2 Deluxe Special Edition.

All the other specs match the original ZenFone 2 64GB model. Intel Atom Z3580 SoC, 4GB of RAM and 3000mAh battery are powering the 5.5″ Full HD display and Android 5.0 Lollipop.

There’s no information about pricing yet but the 64GB model costs around $300, so the 256GB model might be around $350. For now the Deluxe Special Editon is launching only in Brazil.

It’s good to see the smartphone storage sizes growing as at least the flagships are dropping the expandable storage option. These kind of internal storage sizes would keep even the power users happy.

Source: Asus Fanaticos

Note 5 Active Rumored


Remember the rumors about the Note 5 having a giant 4100mAh battery? The rumors might be true as PhoneArena has received tips about possible Note 5 Active.

Everything is still speculations but according to the rumors the Note 5 is going to have the 4100mAh previously rumored to Note 5. Also the IP68 ratings of the S6 Active are in. The Note 5 Active should arrive in November. That’s all the rumors at the moment but we can assume that it’s going to pack the same 5.7″ QHD display, Exynos 7420 and 4GB of RAM the Note 5 has. The rumors don’t tell anything about the possible military certification the S6 Active has but at least the Active version can’t be more fragile than the all aluminium and glass Note 5.

These early rumors are really interesting because the S-Pen might still come available in Europe after the regular Note 5 didn’t. Also this is good news for road warriors needing the huge battery life. The Note 5 Active might also be able to take a drop or two without taking serious damage like the standard Note 5 with its glass and aluminium design.

Source: PhoneArena

Huawei Announces Honor 7i with Rotating Camera


Huawei has released a mid-range Honor 7i with an unusual camera design. The camera module rotates from back to front to act not only as a great rear camera but a fantastic front-facer. 

The Honor 7i uses Sony’s 13MP camera sensor with F2.0 aperture and the camera is covered in sapphire glass to prevent scratching. The phone is made out of aluminium and plastic that has been strengthened with glass fiber.

Inside there are a 64-bit Snapdragon 616 SoC, 2 or 3GB of RAM, 16 or 32GB of storage and a 3100mAh battery. The Honor 7i also has a fingerprint scanner on the side of the device, dual-SIM support and Android 5.1 with Huawei’s EMUI 3.1 user interface.

The rotating camera is not the first we have seen but it’s a little different compared to Oppo N1 that had a much wider rotating camera module that was also a part of the front and rear panels. The Honor 7i costs around $250 in China but availability in other markets is unknown.

Source: Huawei Honor 7i -product page

Note 5 Ranked as the Best Smartphone Display

Last year DisplayMate ranked the Note 4’s display as “the Best performing Smartphone display that we have ever tested”. This year they give the same credit to the Note 5.


It’s getting more and more clear that the OLED technology is the future of displays. Samsung has used the OLED technology in their flagships since 2010 and improved the technology year after year. Now OLED displays are so good that even Apple uses one in their Apple Watch.

DisplayMate is known for its in-depth display tests and now the Note 5 and S6 edge+ got the treatment. Both devices have great Super AMOLED displays and even though the resolution and screen size stay the same, there has been a lot of improvement in the display technology. Especially brightness and color accuracy are praised as the Note 4 brightness is doubled to these new devices and the color accuracy is the best they have ever tested. The new displays can also get dimmer than last year for better readability in dark. While being way better to watch than last year, the displays are also 21% more power efficient.

It’ll be interesting to see how the IPS LCD technology leader Apple can answer to these results with its upcoming iPhones. In the future even Apple might be forced to switch to OLED displays. The OLED displays are visibly better than IPS displays and they are more power efficient with black pixels consuming zero energy and they are physically thinner because they don’t need the separate back light module behind the screen as every pixel lights up itself.

Please check the full test at the DisplayMate’s site at the source link below.

Source: DisplayMate

Via: SamMobile

2015 Nexus leaks


Nexus rumors are flooding in right now. Here’s a package of what we know by now. 

Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee recently posted a picture of the upcoming Nexus 5 2015 smartphone. The picture reveals a fingerprint scanner and a laser auto focusing module on the back of the device. It also confirms the previous leaks by OnLeaks and uSwitch.

The Nexus 5 2015 is probably going to feature a 5.2″ display, a USB Type-C connector and Android M. The leaks are in line with the releases Google made in Google I/O. Google added APIs for fingerprint sensors and USB Type-C.

Interestingly power and volume buttons seem to be on the side, not in the back like in LG’s previous phones. It’s also noticeable that after Apple made protruding OK with their last year flagships, LG has also decided to include one with the new Nexus despite the fact that its current flagship G4 doesn’t have one. Most likely the camera is going to be the same that the G4 had which is going to lift Nexus cameras to a new level because G4’s camera is one of the best in the market.


OnLeaks and uSwitch also leaked the other upcoming Nexus phone.  Huawei Nexus features the same fingerprint scanner on the back and also a USB Type-C connector. Huawei Nexus will probably be called Nexus 6 and it’s going to replace Motorola Nexus 6.

Nexus 6 is going to have a 5.7″ display, possibly QHD. USwitch also knows that Huawei has tested a 5.5″ model but ended up with the larger one.

Nexus 6 is going to have a premium design and materials while Nexus 5 is going to have a plastic unibody design. That also suggests that the Nexus 6 is going to have a premium price while Nexus 5 is going to compete in a more affordable price range.

According to leaks, both Nexus phones are releasing in late September or early October and launching later this year. Hopefully Google orders enough phones from manufacturers this time. Experiences with Nexus 4 and 5 launches a couple of years ago weren’t very positive.

Samsung Released S6 edge+


As expected, Samsung released the Galaxy S6 edge+ side by side with the Note 5. The phones as mostly similar but there are also big differences. 

The S6 edge+ is second multi phone, Samsung was talking about in the keynote. As the Note 5 is for multitaskers, the S6 edge+ is for multimedia consumers. It has a gorgeous 5.7″ QHD Super AMOLED display that curves to both sides like in the original S6 edge.

The specifications are similar to Note 5 with Exynos 7420 SoC, 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, 3000mAh battery and 16/5MP cameras. The devices are still very different because of the curves being in different sides. The S6 edge+ has the curved glass in the front and flat glass in the back. In the Note 5 it’s the other way around. The S6 edge+ also lacks the S-Pen and its features. For more detailed specs, check the Note 5 article.

Storage options are 32 or 64GB. 128GB variant was not announced but they are already listed in all the major carriers in the US like in the case of Note 5. Colors are also the same with Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium and the one in the picture, White Pearl.

Prices are higher than the Note 5 and availability is completely different. The S6 edge+ is going to be available in most markets very soon as the Note 5 misses the Europe for now, probably until early 2016 for reasons we don’t understand. Prices start at $815 for 32GB model and $915 for the 64GB variant. In Europe it retails at very salty 899€ and 999€.

At the moment it looks like Samsung wants to sell primarily the S6 edge+ in Europe. This might affect their sales because there has been much more interest in the Note 5 than in the scaled up S6 edge. Samsung might be shooting its own leg but we’ll wait and see.

Note 5 is official


Samsung has officially announced one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. After all the leaks, the Note 5 didn’t bring any surprises. 

The new Note 5 is Samsung’s multi-tasking flagship. During the keynote, Samsung told us that there are two kinds of people. The Note 5 is for multi-taskers and the second new device, S6 edge+ is for multimedia consumers.

The Note 5 is like we expected with 5.7″ QHD Super AMOLED display, Exynos 7420 and 4GB of RAM. The latest leaks also predicted the decreased battery capacity right with the 3000mAh non-removable battery.

Samsung spent a lot of time talking about the past. They made it clear that they pioneered the phablet category with the Galaxy Note in 2011 and how Note lineup has always been the phablet to beat. The new Note 5 although brings Note lineup to the future. The new design is borrowed from Galaxy S6 with glass sandwich and metal sides. Samsung managed to make the device smaller in every dimension. They even compared it with the huge iPhone 6 Plus. The Note 5 has 0.2″ larger screen but still it fits inside the iPhone’s footprint. Unfortunately like with the S6, the new design comes with compromises. The Note 5 does not have microSD slot and it has a non-removable, smaller battery.

As you would expect, Samsung has packed the Note 5 with the best hardware possible. The SoC package is the same that’s inside the S6. Exynos 7420 is still the best CPU in the market with its 4 high performance Cortex A57 cores and 4 power saving Cortex A53 cores. For better multitasking there’s an extra gigabyte of LPDDR4 to give an industry leading 4GB of RAM. Note 5 has a 5.7″ 1440x2560p QHD Super AMOLED display and if we can predict anythig from the S6, it’s brighter, dimmer, blacker and more colorful than competing IPS displays.

Like every year, S-Pen, the stylus comes with new features. Most compelling two were the new option to take a note and scrolling screen capture. It’s now possible to write a note by just taking the S-Pen out of its silo and start writing a note even when the screen is off. The note will be saved by just pushing the pen back in. The scrolling screen capture is activated after taking a screenshot by pressing a button on the lower left corner. The feature extends the screenshot by one height of the screen and it can be extended until the end of the web page or Twitter feed. The S-Pen also have new ejection method. The end of the pen can be clicked to extend the end out, so that the pen is easy to take out with fingers.

Cameras are from the S6 but Note 5 can now use both OIS and software stabilization even with the 4K video recording. The 16MP rear camera is still the best smartphone camera in the market with LG’s G4. Front facing camera is 5MP and like the rear one, its F1.9 aperture for better low light performance.

The Note 5 comes with Samsung Pay capabilities which we are talking about in a separate article.

We have very mixed feeling with the Note 5. It’s a great multitasker and all-rounder but lack of expendable storage and replaceable battery are ruining its reputation as a road warrior’s smartphone. The 3000mAh battery is not going to last two days like before and as 64GB is the biggest available storage option, it’s not going to carry a 100GB music library. Luckily we already hear rumors about a 128GB model.

Still, Note 5 is the most complete phablet in the market right now. Productive multitasking features, brilliant screen and understated design make a great device and most likely it’s going to sell well even with its high price of around $800 for the 32GB version.


Availability is still big question. The Note 5 will be available on 21 August in the US but we have heard that the S6 edge+ is going to be the primary device to sell in most markets and it’ll launch earlier. The Note 5 will be available in Black Sapphire, White Pearl, Gold Platinum and as in the pictures, Silver Titanium.