OnePlus X announced


OnePlus has launched an even more affordable Android smartphone. Great specs and great price match in the new OnePlus X. 

Price might be the most important feature of the new OnePlus X. With the price tag of $249, the X competes with devices like Moto G and Asus Zenfone 2. Compared to these two, the X is very premium.

The 5″ 1080p AMOLED display, Snapdragon 801 and 3GB of RAM are packed in a metal and glass or ceramic body. The metal band is grooved and the rear panel material depends on the color. The rear panel of the black model is made out of black glass and the white model has back plate made out of zirconia.

The OnePlus X also features 13 and 8 megapixel cameras, 16GB of storage and a 2520mAh battery. The SIM slot takes either two SIM cards or a SIM and a microSD card. The Android 5.1.1 is slightly skinned with the Oxygen OS.

Prices start at $249 or 269€ for the black glass version and the ceramic version will only be available in Europe for 369€. The black model ships on 5 November and the ceramic on 24 November.

With the X, OnePlus tries to revolutionize the affordable phone market. The price of the X is kept down by using older hardware like the 1½ year old Snapdragon 801 chip. The 801 is a very powerful 32-bit SoC that isn’t as power efficient as the newer cheaper models. If other manufacturers try to copy this strategy, hopefully they will at least use larger batteries.

Source: OnePlus X product page

OnePlus 2 released



Chinese manufacturer OnePlus has announced their new smartphone, OnePlus 2. The device was launched with “2016 Flagship Killer” title and the manufacturer was not shy about its new device being able to earn the title. 

The OnePlus 2 packs solid specifications. 5.5″ display is still 1080p but SoC is now Snapdragon 810 with eight CPU cores and an Adreno 430 GPU. Amount of RAM depends on the storage as the 16GB version has 3GB of DDR4 and the 64GB variant packs an extra 1GB. The new home button integrates as a fingerprint scanner. The home button itself is still capasitive, not physical as in Samsung or Apple phones.

OnePlus 2 is one of the first smartphones to ship with the new USB type-C connector for faster charging and easier usage with reversible connector. The battery is now 3300mAh and the battery life is a bit worse than in OnePlus One according to MKBHD’s video linked below.

Cameras have been updated. 13MP rear camera now has optical image stabilization, laser focus and 720p@120fps slow-mo video. Front facing camera is now 5MP and shoots 1080p video.

OnePlus decided to go with a metal body. Rear panel is still removable and replaceable but the battery is non-removable. The metal trim around the device is made out of aluminum and magnesium.

Prices for the device are $329 for the 16GB/3GB variant and $389 for the 64GB/4GB version. An invite is still needed to buy one.

MKBHD – Five OnePlus 2 Impressions!

Top 5 upcoming smartphones July 2015

2015 has been a great year. Competition between manufacturers and price ranges has been tough. There has been ultimate flagships like Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4 and HTC One M9 but also new affordable smartphones are rising all the time. Asus ZenFone 2 packs high end specs with very affordable price and the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 does the same.

After a rather quiet summer, the fall is going to be full of great smartphone releases. I’ve listed my top 5 upcoming smartphones below. Add your top 5 to the comments.

TOP 5 – Motorola Moto G

Last two years Motorola has dominated the cheap Android market with their Moto G. It packed stock Android and brilliant specs to the price. Now it has competition. Asus and Alcatel have entered the affordable market with their flagship spec devices and Motorola should release something rather great to keep the title of the best cheap Android phone.

The upcoming Moto G should have a great display, likely a 1080p but for the price it’s not going to be AMOLED. Newer Snapdragon SoC’s are really capable so some 600-series one would be nice. Also it should have the latest stock Android and fast updates to Android M. All that should be under $200 and Motorola would have the best budget smartphone in the market.

TOP 4 – Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Apple always gets most of the attention when they launch the new iPhones. This year is not going to be different. New Apple phones are going to sell like crazy no matter what they put to the table. I chose the Plus version to my list because it’s competitor to the Note series. Plus also – at least last year it did – packs better specs than the non Plus model. Apple won’t most likely change the resolution or the size of the screen but they’ll include the force touch technology and possibly a better camera.

My wish is that Apple would add some productivity and take more advantage of the big screen. That would force Samsung to make even better Note next year as this years Note is probably going to launch before the new iPhones.

TOP 3 – OnePlus 2

OnePlus has teased their upcoming smartphone for a while now. We know its price and most of the specs and we know that one is going to need an invite to get the phone. But is the competition from mid range smartphone too much. We have some brilliant new high-end spec smartphones for even more affordable price.

OnePlus’ success depends on the upcoming reviews. The price is coming up and the specs are not that mind boggling compared to others but the camera and the software can make the difference. Personally I don’t see OnePlus 2 being as successful as the One was.

TOP 2 – Google Nexus 5

As always, Google is going to release the new Android version in the fall. With it, there’s going to be a new Nexus and this year it’s most likely going to be a new Nexus 5. First Nexus 5 was announced back in 2013 and this new version is bringing Nexus back to more humane screens sizes after the hideous 6″ Nexus 6.

According to rumors, Huawei is going to make the new Nexus. Some leaked benchmarks already showed that it’s going to contain a 10-core Snapdragon 820 SoC and a QHD display. Along with Huawei’s premium design and the newest Android, the new Nexus is going to be the second most interesting smartphone of the fall.

TOP 1 – Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung finally made a drastic change with the S6. They got rid of 40% of the bloatware and unwanted features as well as changed the design completely. The result was brilliant. Except the fact that the S6 has too small battery and display. Note 5 is going to be different. The Note is going to have a huge 4100mAh battery and keep the screen size in 5.7 inches.

This year the new Note is going to launch before new iPhones to give Samsung a little boost when trying to get some new Galaxy users. This means that Apple might need to think about adding some features to the new iPhones. Productivity and using the screen real estate have always been Note’s pros so if loyal Apple users shall watch what competitors have to offer, Note might win greatly.