AMD Releases the R9 Nano


The tiny enthusiast grade graphics card takes mini-ITX gaming to a new level. It packs full 4096 core Fiji chip and 4GB of HBM memory. 

AMD has finally released their third Fiji-based graphics card. The tiny Nano is the smallest of the Radeon R9 family. The card packs the same 4096 core, 256 texture unit and 64 ROP Fiji chip the flagship R9 Fury X uses. The GPU is clocked at 1GHz and the 4GB of 4096-bit HBM memory runs at 500MHz. That means compute performance of 8.19 TFLOPS and memory bandwidth of 512GB/s.

The Nano has one HDMI port and three DisplayPorts. It takes maximum of 175 watts through one 8-pin PCI express power connector. It measures at just 6″ in length and two PCIe slots in width. AMD claims that the R9 Nano is the fastest and most power efficient enthusiast grade graphics card for mini-ITX builds.

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