Intel reveals Broadwell-EP Xeons with a 22-core monster


Intel has updated the Xeon lineup to Broadwell to bring even more power to servers and supercomputers. 

The new Xeon processor lineup uses the 14nm Broadwell manufacturing process. The most powerful Xeon E5-2699 v4 processor has 22 cores and can handle 44 threads. It has massive a 55MB cache and uses 145W of power. The clock speed of this monster is only 2.2GHz to keep the temperature and power consumption low.

As the new feature of Broadwell, the Xeons can now handle up to 24 RAM DIMMs in dual CPU motherboards. Also in is the Intel Scalable System Framework architecture to improve High Performance Computing (HPC) performance.

There are 27 new Xeon processors. Full list of their specifications can be found in the Intel press release linked below.

Source: Intel press release

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