DROID Turbo 2 is a shatterproof flagship and a Verizon exclusive


Motorola and Verizon have launched a flagship smartphone with a shatterproof screen. The DROID Turbo 2 gets a four year warranty against screen shattering. 

In August this year we got the first leaks about a shatterproof Motorola smartphone. Back the it was called Motorola Bounce. Now the device finally goes official as a Verizon exclusive. The DROID Turbo 2 continues the heritage the DROID Turbo started last year, beefy specifications, relatively clean Android and a two day battery.

The Turbo 2 packs a 5.4″ 1440p QHD AMOLED display, Snapdragon 810, 3GB of RAM, 32 or 64GB of storage and a 3760mAh battery. Cameras are the same as in the Moto X Style, 21 and 5 megapixels. The Android 5.1.1 is relatively stock but has a ton of Verizon bloatware. All this is packed in to a body that can be customized in the Motomaker.


The Moto Shattershield screen consists of five layers. Behind the display there’s an aluminium plate to add strength. On top of that is the flexible AMOLED display itself. Next there are two touch layers. If one fails, another still keeps working. Finally there are two layers of lenses to give the shock, shatter and crack resistance.

Unfortunately for the most of the world, the DROID Turbo 2 is a Verizon exclusive. Hopefully we will see the Moto Shattershield screens in some international Motorola devices soon. The DROID Turbo 2 costs about $625 for 32GB model and $720 for 64GB variant but as always, Verizon gives a lot of different payment options. For 64GB buyers there is an option to re-configure the device in Motomaker once in the first two years if one gets bored with the design.

Source: The Official Motorola Blog

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