LG V10 goes official with two displays


LG has officially announced the rumored V10 smartphone. It shares a lot of specs with the G4 but has two displays and two front facing cameras.

LG V10 has been rumored and leaked for a while but now the device goes official. It’s the premium smartphone LG teased earlier. Gone is the plastic design of the G4 as the V10 body is made out of stainless steel and silicone.

The tech specs are very similar to the G4 with a QHD display, Snapdragon 808 SoC, 16MP rear camera and the removable 3000mAh battery. However the display is now 5.7″ and there’s an extra gigabyte of RAM for 4GB total. Also, there’s the second display, a small always-on stripe above the main display.


The second display shows relevant information and acts as a shortcut panel. When the main display is off, the smaller display shows time, weather and battery information. When the main display is on, the second display shows shortcuts to apps, contacts and notifications.

The second special thing on the front side of the device is the dual front facing camera. Both cameras have 5 megapixels but different angles. One is for very wide angle selfies or “groufies” with the 120° lens and the second has more mainstream 80° lens.

The V10 will be available in Korea this month but availability in other markets is unknown. There’s five color options, black, white, beige, navy blue and baby blue. All V10 phones have 64GB of storage with microSD support.

LG V10 video – YouTube

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