Comment: Z5 Premium it is


Before the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 I wrote a comment in which I stated that I will get the new Note. Back then the rumors were that the Note 5 was going to feature a huge battery that would last a full day even with my usage. At the release event it was made clear that the Note 5 is going to have a smaller battery than its predecessor. The final hit was the fact that the Note 5 is not coming to Europe let alone Finland. Continue reading Comment: Z5 Premium it is

Google’s Nexus event happens on 29 September


Google has sent the press invitations for an event to happen on 29 September. We are expecting the new Nexus phones, 5X and 6P.

Remember the date if you are excited about the new Google hardware. The new Nexus phones will be released on 29 September at 4pm GMT. The latest rumors claim that the devices will be called Nexus 5X and 6P. The Android 6.0 Marshmallow has already been revealed but we are expecting the update schedule and the list of devices that will get the update.

The Nexus 6P will be made by Huawei and will feature a 5.7″ QHD display and a rear mounted fingerprint scanner. The 6P will be the premium Nexus as the 5X will be very affordable with its 5.2″ 1080p display and plastic design.

The next few weeks will be very busy as we already have two LG events and a Microsoft event in our calendars. We will keep you posted as the events happen.

Source: Steve Kovach on Twitter

Turtle Glass might replace the Gorilla Glass in Samsung devices


Samsung Display has registered the brand ‘Turtle Glass’. Samsung might move away from the Gorilla Glass in the future. 

Samsung has used Corning Gorilla Glass for years in their smartphones and tablets. However the collaboration might be over soon as the Samsung Display has registered Turtle Glass brand. Unfortunately we can just speculate at the moment because we don’t have any more official news.

It might be that the Gorilla Glass can’t be used in the upcoming foldable smartphone that Samsung is expected to launch as early as January. The Turtle Glass could just be a bendable glass for foldable smartphones.

Samsung does have a wide range of devices to use the new glass in if they really want to replace the Gorilla Glass. Not only smartphones and tablets need the durable glass but TV’s, smartwatches and PC’s could also use it. That would be a great business for the company as the other option would be buying the glass from outside the company.

Source: SamMobile

IOS 9 is now available, WatchOS 2 delayed


The iOS 9 update is now available for iOS devices running iOS 8. Apple has delayed the WatchOS 2 update due to a bug.

Apple has launched the iOS 9 OTA updates. The iOS 9 was released in June and is now available for iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and 5th generation iPod Touch or newer iOS devices.

The new iOS brings new system font, updated multitasking view and Siri, keyboard that shows lower and upper case letters and multi window view for iPads.

The WatchOS 2 is not launching yet. Apple wasn’t able to fix a bug before the release date. The WatchOS 2 will be available soon, the exact date is unknown.

Source: Apple Insider | The Verge

Xperia Z5 Premium does not display 4K all the time


Since the release of the Xperia Z5 Premium there has been conversation about the 4K resolution not being rendered all the time. Now Sony has commented the debate.

At IFA 2015 Sony offered a very limited hands-on time with the Xperia Z5 Premium. Still some screenshots were taken and they revealed the fact that the UI is not rendered in 4K. This has launched a lot of discussion and now Sony has answered:

Xperia Z5 Premium features a 4K display with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels based on SID Standard and enables all video and image content to be enjoyed in 4K resolution. All other content is displayed at 1080P or lower resolution in order to optimise the performance and battery stamina for this device, ensuring you can enjoy the 4K resolution when you need it most.

It looks like the 4K is only used in Sony’s own photo and video apps and rest of the content is in 1080p. This reduces the load on the CPU and GPU and saves battery. The UI doesn’t need to be rendered in 4K, neither the web browser as we have all the responsive sites that display content ridiculously big anyways. The resolution downgrade makes sense until the point that many people use other apps to view content that would benefit from the 4K resolution.

We understand the reason behind this, battery life. What we don’t understand is the lack of customization. Why can’t the user choose how to stress the SoC and waste the battery. Sony already offers the great power saving tools that are customizable, why can’t the resolution downgrade be optional? Google Photos and YouTube should also take an advantage of the high resolution display.

In the Xperia UI, the user can choose which apps can use internet connection when the screen is turned off. It would be perfect if Sony could implement the same kind of settings to choose which apps can render in native 4K.

Source: PhoneArena

LG teases a smartphone releasing on 21 September


LG has teased a new smartphone that is going to be released on 21 September. The device features a metallic design and it’s called LG Class.

LG Electronics has released a photo of a new smartphone in Twitter. The device looks different than the previous leaks of the LG V10 so we are pretty sure this is a different phone.


The photo above shows an advertisement banner for the device and reveals the name, Class. We have very little information about the device at the moment but we will keep you posted as the release happens on 21 September.

LG is expected to release the previously rumored V10 on 1 October. The V10 is rumored to feature very similar specification to the LG G4. LG has previously teased a ‘super flagship’ coming later this year and the V10 doesn’t meet the expectations we have after that kind of statement. So, the Class might be it.

Source: LG in Twitter | @scweeny in Twitter

A foldable Samsung smartphone might come in January


The Samsung Project Valley has leaked with possible specifications. The new generation of flip phones might be here soon.

Samsung Display has already hinted that smartphones with foldable displays might be here as early as next year. More recent rumors told that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone, Project Valley or Project V.

Now the possible specifications of the device have leaked to Weibo. The device is going to have a Snapdragon SoC, 820 or 620, 3GB of RAM and a microSD slot. The source also suggests that the device might be released as soon as next January.

The foldable AMOLED technology has been introduced many times by Samsung and they have officially stated that the foldable smartphones will come in 2016. As the smartphone industry is pretty much stable at the moment and Samsung is losing a little market share every quarter, it would make sense that Samsung would try something new like it did with Note series back in the day and more recently with the Edge series.

It remains to be seen how the huge audience will react to the new smartphone sub-category. As with the Note Edge, the first gen device might only come available in very limited edition in side of the Galaxy S7. That would give Samsung a clue about how interested the market is in these devices.

Source: Weibo | Via: Pockenow