Qualcomm releases Snapdragon 617 and 430


Qualcomm has announced two new Snapdragon SoCs. The mid-tier 617 and 430 have octa-core CPUs.

Both models have eight Cortex-A53 cores but the 430 is clocked a little lower. Both support Full HD display resolution and and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0.


The differences between the SoCs are in the LTE and video recording support. The 617 supports category 7 LTE while the 430 only supports category 4. Both can record 1080p video but the 617 can record in 60FPS as the 430 can only do 30FPS. Surprisingly the 430 has an Adreno 505 GPU and the 617 packs a 405.

More detailed specs can be found at the Qualcomm’s site:

Snapdragon 617

Snapdragon 430

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