Note 5 S-Pen Breaks After Inserting Backwards


Note 5 S-Pen breaks after inserting the pen backwards. Samsung suggest customers read the manual. 

It’s time for a new Note to hit the markets, it’s time for a new debate about Samsung’s design flaws. Users in Android Central’s forums are reporting broken S-Pens after inserting the pen backwards to the device. The new patented click to eject mechanism allows the pen to be inserted backwards but after that the pen will be stuck. Some users have lost their S-Pen for good or broken it physically after forcing it out. Others have got their pen out with no physical damage but the S-Pen detection has been broken.

Some people think that Samsung should make it impossible to insert the pen backwards or even provide a free replacement for broken S-Pens. Others think that it’s just a case of “you are using it wrong” if users are inserting the pen backwards.

Samsung has answered the debate by asking people to read the manual before using the device. In the manual there’s clearly said that the S-Pen might get stuck, break or even break the phone if it’s inserted backwards. Samsung hasn’t come up with any solutions to get a stuck pen out. At the moment we just suggest that you don’t insert the S-Pen backwards and if you already did and got it stuck, contact Samsung service to find out how much it would cost to get everything right again.

Sources: Android Central, SamMobile

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