Samsung Teased Gear S2


At the Note 5 and S6 edge+ event Samsung also teased the upcoming Gear S2 smartwatch. The round smartwatch packs an understated metal design.

The Note 5 event wasn’t just official news. Only things we really know about the teased Gear S2 smartwatch are its name and that it’ll be announced at IFA in Berlin next month.



We have heard a lot of rumors about rotating bezel and in the teaser video, the screen capture looked like it was using the rotating bezel as controls. The official teaser pictures also showed two buttons on the side of the device. We can guess that the device will run some version of Tizen and it’ll be compatible with only Samsung smartphones and tablets.

The thing we are really looking for is the battery life. Has Samsung sorted out the biggest shortcoming of smartwatches, the poor battery life?  Also, does the Gear S2 somehow include the Samsung Pay and will it copy Apple Watch’s price? I’m sure Samsung will need to have lower price to sell a single one of these. Trying beat Apple with similar prices is a direct sentence to fail.

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