Tab S2 released, specifications and thoughts

Samsung has updated its high-end tablet lineup. The new Galaxy Tab S2 comes in two sizes, 9.7 and 8.0 inches and in two colors, black and white.




Updates are minor but significant. The most noticeable difference between 1st and 2nd generation is the difference in aspect ratio. The Tab S2 now adopts the same screen sizes, aspect ratios and resolutions that iPad has used for years now. 4:3 aspect ratio and 2048×1536 resolution in both models.

02Also the S2 packs faster CPU and GPU package but loses greatly in battery capacity. Battery size in Tab S 9.7 was 7900mAh and Tab S2 only pack a 5870mAh. The same numbers of the smaller versions are 4900 and 4000. This is due to the trend to make devices thinner. The new Tab S2 is only 5.6mm thick which is whole millimeter thinner than the Tab S.

The Tab S2 still keeps Samsung’s AMOLED displays that have unbeatable contrast and blacks in less power consuming and thinner package than competing IPS LCD displays.

This time Samsung didn’t mention the word video in their press release for once. That’s possibly because of the changed aspect ratio. 4:3 is not perfect for videos but as iPad keeps selling with that aspect ratio, it was a logical step for Samsung to try it out.

Gone is the all plastic design as Samsung’s new design made its way to the tablet lineup. Design is mostly from Galaxy Alpha or Note 4 as the back is still plastic but there’s an aluminium trim with chamfered edges surrounding the device.

There’s WiFi only and LTE models of both screen sizes and in two storage configurations, 32GB and 64GB. Storage is expandable via 128GB MicroSD card. Prices start from 399€ for the 8.0″ WiFi only modela and 499€ for the 9.7″ model.

New Galaxy Tab S2s are directly competing against Apple’s iPads. Rumors have told us that iPad Air 2 might not be updated this year. We will see how this affects the tablet market as sales are down compared to the peak years.

Samsung Press Release

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