Samsung and Apple working on an e-SIM

A couple of years ago we first heard about Apple trying to get rid of SIM cards. Most of us were skeptical about Apple trying to enter carrier market or trying to make even more money with the integrated SIM. Last year Apple came up with the iPad Air 2 packing the Apple SIM that does’t need to be changed to change carrier.

Now we have some trusted sources claiming that Samsung and Apple are working together to get rid of SIM cards. Financial Times is reporting that the two giants are working with some major carriers around the world to make e-SIM a standard for all manufacturers to follow.

The e-SIM would make changing carrier and getting a new phone easier. As regular SIM needs to be changed to new carrier’s SIM, the new integrated SIM would be capable to change carrier by just choosing a new carrier from the phone’s settings. Also the struggle to have a new, even smaller SIM every time when getting a new phone, would be gone.

But it’s not all good. How about travelling to a country where there is no carrier that supports e-SIM? What about people who still keep their contacts in the SIM card memory? What about the car Bluetooth systems that can only read contacts from SIM memory? These all need to be solved before e-SIM is ready for public.

SamMobile already claimed that Samsung’s 2016 flagships are going to have an e-SIM. We will see.

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